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Hawaii vacations information about Hawaii pictures of Hawaii beach pictures of Hawaii beaches picture of Hawaii beach
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Hawaii Stuff has Hawaii vacations information and free backgrounds of Hawaii pictures. Hawaii wallpaper pictures or web page backgrounds are just some of the great stuff about Hawaii here. Click one of these links to find out more about Hawaii or how to vacation in the Hawaiian Islands.

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Picture from the trail loop in Poli Poli State Park on Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii pictures.

Sea Turtle photograph by Mike Eilers taken off Maui Hawaii

Pictures of Hawaii and Hawaii Vacations Information and Guides

We've added new additions to the Hawaiian art page.

All kinds of great Hawaiian stuff at this link page.

Hawaii-stuff.com is part of the Supak.com family of sites which is predominantly about free desktop wallpaper. But there's much more than just free wallpaper pictures!

If you like Squidoo, you'll love our Hawaii Stuff Lens!

We're really excited about this new site: Volunteer on Vacation in Hawaii! This voluntourism site is the brain-child of our friend Cherie Attix. As an added incentive (as if helping the Hawaiian environment, culture, and community isn't enough), Cherie is offering guests of her Maui Bed and Breakfast a 5% discount on their stay, and she'll donate an additional 5% of the cost of the stay to the organization for which you volunteer.

New Hawaii Pictures from Mike Eilers!

Our old friend Dr. Faust sold his organic Kona coffee farm to our new friends Mike and Ric, who spent years (chronicled here in their Organic Kona Coffee Farming Blog) getting the sustainable Hawaiian coffee farm back into shape. You can taste the results of all that effort in their gourmet coffee beans, some of the best organic coffee we've ever tasted.

Solar Powered Hana Maui Vacation Rental HouseCheck out this solar powered Maui vacation rental in Hana, just minutes from Hamoa Beach, which is consistently voted one of the best beaches in the world!

Our friend Cherie Attix, owner and operator of the Hale Hookipa Inn Bed and Breakfast, has started writing a blog! She calls it Ho'okipa Aikane, or "home sharing friend." Cherie is a long time resident of Hawaii, and is deeply involved in the Maui community. I'm sure she'll have plenty of great posts to come!

Many people go to Hawaii to get married. Many of them go to Maui. My friend Klaus at Paradise Maui specializes in Maui weddings. Find out more about getting married in Hawaii on our new Hawaii weddings page.

People all over the world like to check out our Hawaii pictures. They're great for free desktop wallpaper pictures of Hawaii (also known as computer backgrounds and can be used as web page backgrounds for myspace layouts)!

Click here to save up to 70% on Hawaii vacation packages.Book discount vacation rentals in Hawaii and worldwide with out new vacation rental reservations system. And check out the in-depth travel destinations guide to over 5000 cities world-wide.

I've created a Hawaii information blog to post what's new on all my various sites with information about Hawaii. You can find Hawaii travel agents there, along with Maui real estate agents, Hawaii accommodations,  and, oh, pretty much everything you can find here, but in easy to read blog form. It's kind of a different version of this for those who might want the RSS feed. Hawaii pictures Hawaii photography Hawaii backgrounds

I made some Tropical Islands pages to help you get better Hawaii information about the islands you want to vacation on, including other South Pacific Islands like Tahiti.  We've created a page for each of the Hawaiian Islands to help you get specific information about accommodations and other information about that Hawaiian Island: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

We just uploaded a whole bunch of computer wallpaper pictures and free backgrounds or the beach at a new blog type site that makes it easier to deal with. That's good news for free desktop wallpaper fans, because we're going to be posting all kinds of great wallpaper pictures we just haven't had time to deal with.

We have a new client getting higher search engine ranks for their vacation rental.

Book this gorgeous and affordable Hawaii beach accommodation on the island of Kauai!

On this site, we still have some great new wide angle lens computer wallpaper pictures from Maui!  These computer wallpaper backgrounds make great livejournal backgrounds.  We also post notices of new stuff at our environmental blog and we upload all kinds of free backgrounds and computer wallpaper pictures to our Squarespace site, because it's easy and we can do it from the road.  In the coming weeks we'll be uploading all kinds of free desktop wallpaper pictures there, so bookmark it! FREE BACKGROUNDS of Hawaii! You can even buy posters of our Hawaii pictures!

Navigate to All Kinds of Other Hawaii Stuff! 

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Hawaii pictures, Hawaii photographs, Hawaii photography, Hawaii photosJaws Maui Hawaii surfing book coffe table book Maui Hawaii photography surfing photography Hawaii surfing photography bookHawaii pictures for free desktop backgrounds wallpaper make this a Hawaii travel guide to remember! Our free Hawaii pics are just a small part of the great free stuff we have here at Hawaii-Stuff.com! We have free information about Hawaii vacations rentals accommodations, Hawaii rental cars, Hawaii activities, guided tours, Hawaii ecotours, and inside info on free stuff and cheap stuff to do in Hawaii, like Hawaii camping or surfing.

Great Hawaii wallpaper pictures!Shop for Hawaii posters, Hawaii books, Hawaiian music, Hawaiian coffee, Hawaii real estate, Hawaii Maps, Travel & Regional Magazines, and more! This site is produced by Bald Mt. Press.

We also have wallpaper pictures of Italy, wallpaper sized New York City pictures, plus New York posters, Italy Posters, and lots more photography of Hawaii in our supak.com Hawaii pages. Supak.com is our main site, which features links to all our other sites, including our Simpsons page, our Hollywood photography series, our movie sound clips, and more.

Hookipa Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii, windsurfing beach.Send pesticide free tropical flowers from this Hawaiian florist. Buy Maui Perfumes! Check out the Ergo Baby Carrier baby sling from a company in Hawaii! Shop for various Hawaiian gifts on our Hawaii shopping page.

We've added a Hawaii environmental protection page with links to Hawaiian environmental organizations and books about Hawaii's environment. Please do your part to protect the environment everywhere be remembering that environmental protection is a bi-partisan effort. Visit our environmental blog for more info.

How we got started building web sites about Hawaii vacations
Hawaii Search - HUGE directory of Hawaii related web sites! I started building web sites about Hawaii when we (my wife Robin, my two kids, Jasmine and Spencer, and I) moved to Maui in 1997. We were already into offering free desktop wallpaper, and I was amazed by the natural beauty of Hawaii and wanted to first do something to help protect the natural wonder of Maui. So, I built EcoMaui, a guide to Maui for the ecologically gifted. It features links to virtual tours and ecotourism organizations on Maui. Jasmine, who was 8 at the time, suggested that I should also build EconoMaui, a guide to Maui for the economically challenged. computer wallpaper pictures free backgrounds free desktop wallpaper site links Turns out being a discount tourist in Hawaii is one of the best ways to do the least ecological damage. Those two sites formed the core of our Maui web presence, which quickly spread to include vacation rentals, car rentals, real estate, Travel & Regional Magazines, Maui luxury house rentals, and more.
Cheap Maui Bed and Breakfast
It was sad leaving Maui in 1998, but we stayed in touch with our friends, and we've helped them move their sites about Hawaii to the top of the search engines for their particular keywords. We have a lot of friends with Maui vacation rentals. Our friend Jack owns a discount Hawaii car rental business that doesn't stand there with a stop watch when you're late. Jack's wife, Jackie, makes organic Maui perfumes and body butters. Our friend on the big island of Hawaii grows organic Kona coffee on his organic farm. Our friend in Lahaina is a Maui Hawaii real estate buyer's broker. We have friends in the commuter airline business who offer discount airline tickets for island hopping.  Arial photograph of Maui cane burn and Mount Haleakala - click for big version!We have friends who are into Maui activities with activity equipment rentals, guided tours and hikes, snorkeling trips, and local grinds (food). So if you're looking for Hawaii information about Hawaii travel and Hawaii vacations, you've come to the right place.

Inexpensive Hawaiian vacations cottages lodging

Talking a Little Hawaiian Back Story

Arial picture Hawaii - Poli Poli State Park, Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii - click for the big version! We figured the net needed a lot more of Hawaii pictures, so, in August of 2001 Spencer and I went back to Hawaii for two weeks, which is far too short a visit. We have a photo tour of that Hawaii vacation. It features the great pictures we took, mostly with a wide-angle lens, sized as desktop wallpaper pictures. These are free backgrounds of Hawaii pictures, folks, so feel free to make a calendar out of them, use them as your computer backgrounds or desktop wallpaper, or just hang them up on your corkboard. All we ask is that you tell people where you got them, or even link to hawaii-stuff.com from your site or blog, and that you take the time to look around all the other cool stuff we have here! When you buy posters, books, maps, music, or airfare, you help us keep this site going! If you book one of our Maui vacation rentals you help our friends stay in business offering inexpensive lodging in Hawaii! And finally, join our mailing list so we can keep you up-to-date about all the great free Hawaii stuff we'll be adding here in the future. We're featured on Hawaii Search!
Meanwhile, for those of you who can't head to Hawaii anytime soon, you can always ask the chef of this organic Los Angeles catering company if they can do Hawaiian food. Or, if you're near this upstate New York grass-fed beef, you can make your own Hawaiian Luau. They even have free-range pork!


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Hawaii Vacation Packages at Oahu Tour and Travel
Go Hawaii Card: Multi-attraction pass that gives you the most choice-Oahu's top attractions at the best value. Includes USS Arizona Tour, Waikiki Trolley, museums, excursions & more!

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