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When Bill Gates got married on Maui, rumor has it that he hired all the helicopters in the state to keep them grounded, so the paparazzi couldn't hire them. Other folks just go out on the beach and tie the knot. The beauty of getting married in Hawaii is that it is the quintessential, something-for-everyone marriage spot on the planet. If you want to get married in a helicopter hovering over beautiful waterfalls, you can. If you want to get married in the ocean in scuba gear, go for it. Hell, you can even get married on a surfboard!

Maui weddings are so varied and popular that we recommend that you get help. A Maui wedding coordinator can make sure your special day is as perfect as can be, no matter where or how you decide to do it.

If you just can't go to Hawaii for the ceremony, you can still have a Hawaiian wedding with Hawaiian flowers from Hana Flowers. These tropical flowers are grown pesticide-free in the rain forests of Hana, Maui, and smell sweet like these Hawaii perfumes.

You'll need a place for a honeymoon. Or maybe a few places. Maybe a great Maui bed and breakfast up the slopes of Haleakala, or a north shore Kauai beach house. Or maybe you could do some island hopping and enjoy both!

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