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Information on Hawaii always starts with getting you where you're going. Make sure you have a good map of the Hawaiian Island(s) you'll be visiting. No matter how friendly the locals are, you'll find a map helps translate the uniquely Hawaiian way of giving directions, which almost always begins with the phrase, "Do you know where the ____ is?"
Many people are staying in vacation rentals when visiting Hawaii these days. It is a great opportunity to interact with people who live on the islands and get a good taste of the local lifestyle. You can also find affordable beach houses and get great deals on Hawaii villa rentals. If you stay in a vacation rental you also usually have access to beach toys, surf boards or other items that you would pay a good chunk of change to rent on a vacation where they were not accessible, like at a hotel. So if you are taking a dream vacation to Hawaii, there are definitely good reasons to consider alternatives to the typical hotel stay.
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More information on Hawaii! Island Hopping Rules!On the runway at Waimea airport, on the big island of Hawaii. Spencer and our Pacific Wings pilot with Mona Loa in the background. Information on Hawaii.

Honolulu International Airport on Oahu is abbreviated HNL, Kahului airport on Maui is OGG, and Kona airport on the big island of Hawaii is KOA. Often, the cheapest flights are into Honolulu. In this case, consider staying on Oahu for a day or two. On our recent trip we stayed at the Plaza Best Western, right by the airport, and took a city bus to Pearl Harbor, so we didn't have to rent a car. Then, you can catch an island hopping flight to your final destination. On our last trip, we flew Pacific Wings from Maui to the big island. It was great! The twin engine turbo-prop planes fly lower, so the views are better!
If you're not big on little planes, there are plenty of jets flying around the islands. It's not as much fun, but you can book a flight on a major airline within the islands, or buy a coupon book for inter-island flights once your there.

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