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Maui real estate agent: Maui bed and breakfast owner Cherie Attix is now a real estate agent for Maui condos, Maui homes, and Maui beachfront property for sale. Whether you're looking for investment property on Maui, a Maui vacation rental property, or you'd like to move into a beautiful Maui home, contact Cherie Attix today!


The first thing that comes to mind when people talk about Hawaii real estate is "unobtainable." For people contemplating a move to Hawaii or even for local residents, buying a house in Hawaii seems like a pipe dream, or a game for only the well to-do. While it is true that Hawaii home prices are well above the national average, it does not mean that there are not creative and affordable ways to come to own a home in Hawaii.

There are government programs that many people don't look into or don't know about, that can ease the costs and upfront payments of buying a home in Hawaii. Since the real estate crash and sub-prime crisis of '07 - '09,  some programs have dried-up and stricter regulations have been placed on mortgage lenders and banks. This, however, does not mean that there is no way to get into homes for sale in Hawaii. As a matter of fact, even though these programs have become tougher to qualify for, housing prices have taken a steep drop, so the amount that new home purchasers need to raise, is significantly lower.

A recent government real estate program that has helped accelerate the turn around of the market, is that owners that are upside down in a loan don't have to pay taxes on the difference between what they owe and how much the bank settles for. This has made short sales more attractive to owners, which has produced more bargain prices for buyers. While banks are taking a hit on these settlements, they would rather make the deal because it is better than people walking away from their loans. When owners default on their loans and the bank repossesses the property, it turns the bank into a real estate brokerage rather than a lender.

There are also other programs that make Hawaii real estate more accessible. There was the federal grant for first time home buyers that expired in April of 2010, but it was extended for enlisted persons until the end of 2011. Hawaii also has grants for native Hawaiians that helps make buying their first home a reality. It is always worth the time to investigate what type of monies are out there for home buyers. Hawaii traditionally has programs that make owning a home here more reasonable.

Another major factor about buying a home in Hawaii is, perception. When people think of Hawaii, they think of beach homes and grand vacation villas. These admittedly, are usually very highly priced properties; But they are not the only offerings that Hawaii has. Like anywhere else, Hawaii has neighborhoods and some are in more desirable locations costing more, but there are also neighborhoods in more affordable areas. There are an abundance of affordable condos and tract homes and time shares.

Like anywhere else, being a creative buyer can help close the gap between - almost being able to buy and owning a home. Many times when jobs are recruiting employees from abroad, they will pay moving costs, and sometimes will have some rental stipend. Shrewd negotiators can still get these perks and apply them to mortgages for as long as the employer will allow. Being a tough negotiator with Hawaii real estate agents can also net you the advantage you need in being able to buy in Hawaii. That holds true for negotiating a mortgage loan. Shop around to find the lowest rates with the fewest points and add-ons.

Hawaii definitely has it's disadvantages when it comes to buying a home here. You are buying in a finite market and in a generally desirable location. Prices trend higher and the cost of living is also above national averages. However, if you are determined, patient and creative, you can often find a home for sale that suits your needs. If you are not burning money for the fun of it, you can still buy a home on Maui, but maybe not in Wailea or Kaanapali. You can find affordable Oahu homes for sale, but maybe not on the beach in Kailua.



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