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Scott Supak search engine optimization specalist for higher sarch engine ranks and improved search engine ranksSearch engines are a big mystery to people. That's why there are search engine optimization specalists [sic] who make a pretty good living doing it. I took a different route, quite by accident, and wound up working cheap for small businesses. I do little bits of search engine optimization at a time, at a rate they can afford, and their sites slowly get better search engine ranks
To improve search engine ranks, I redesign the sites, usually adding content after consulting with the client. I create a lot of links, and that's what this page is. A content-full link page that links to just one site. It's not a doorway page, which is frowned upon, but a detailed little page that explains the link outside of this site.
Search engines like content. They are designed to reward a site that has a lot of what it says it does. If a site claims, in it's title and description, to have a lot of information about how to improve search engine position, or somebody to hire who does it, then it will be rewarded if that is, indeed, what it has.
Internet search engines are just tools to help you find what you're looking for. If you were designing one, you'd want it to reward pages that have a lot of what they say they have. One way to tell that is by how people talk about it when they link to it.
Another new phenomenon in the world of internet search engines is blogging. Because blogs link to each other so much, and because they have so much content, they usually rank high on the search engines. Blogs that are hosted on a big, popular free blog site, like blogger of bloglines, often benefit from being hosted on those sites. I call it the piggy-back page-rank effect.
For more information about how blogging can help your business and to improve your search engine ranks, visit my Supak Blogs for Business Blogs Blog.


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