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BLUE FROGS - click for frog posters, frog books, frog news, and frog is a kind of weird thing that I inherited that has become a repository for all the things I want to put on on line that I don't really know where else to put them. But it is, at it's heart, a frog site I just don't put enough effort into. There are, however, lot of frog posters, which are really cool, frog books, and frog toys.

We feel a special bond with amphibians because they are showing us now that we are seriously screwing this planet up. Their skins are absorbing the drugs that we pass through our sewers (because we take so much that it passes out through our urine and doesn't get filtered out at the treatment plant). So, we're seeing the effect of that. But perhaps more importantly, we're seeing the effects of agricultural and urban run-off. Pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and other household and agricultural chemicals are seriously screwing with the frogs, and therefore, the rest of the environment.

This ties in with both our organic gardening and sustainable agriculture site, and our political environmentalism.


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