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Hawaii Environmental Protection

Maui beach picture Hawaii pictures computer wallpaper pictures free backgrounds picturesBecause we feel strongly that Hawaii, one of the most beautiful environments in the world, should be protected for future generations, we offer these links and other Hawaii information to help preserve and conserve the fragile Hawaii environment.

We encourage everyone who passes this way to do more than just glance at the Hawaii environmental protection info provided here. We urge you to get involved in any Hawaii environmental protection project you can.

One of the best ways to help Hawaii's fragile ecosystems is to volunteer while you're on vacation in Hawaii! This voluntourism site, started by Cherie Attix of the Hale Hookipa Inn in Makawao, helps match you up with the volunteer opportunity most fitted to you. Check out the big list of Hawaii volunteer opportunities, and when you do volunteer, you can earn a 5% discount on your stay at Cherie's Maui bed and breakfast, and an additional 5% donation to the organization for which you volunteer!

Spencer Consoles Jasmine after they have just learned about the plight of the Hawaiian Sea Turtles - photo taken by Scott Supak at the Maui Ocean Center - click to visit our home page: supak.com!Just being aware of the problems faced by Hawaii's environment and Hawaiian environmentalists is a great start but these groups and organizations need donations, volunteers, sales, subscriptions, letter writers, petition signers, and voters. Please do your part to make sure the Hawaiian environment remains healthy and clean for generations to come.

Hawaiian Environmental Organizations and other Environmental web sites concerning Hawaii

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