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Kona Comfort Organic Kona Coffee Sustainably Grown in Hawaii then fresh roasted to order like gourmet coffee should be!organic Kona coffee beans fresh picked Hawaiian coffeeWe are happy to announce that our old friend Dr. Faust sold his organic Kona coffee farm to Mike Tucker and Ric Evangelista, who have spent a lot of time, effort, and money to make the farm sustainable, certified organic, and productive. And the organic Kona coffee is better than ever!

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These delicious, organic, gourmet coffee beans are grown on the Kona side of the big island, near Honaunau, or the city of refuge where Hawaiians could be absolved of their sins by a priest, assuming they could get there before they were killed by the angry mob chasing them.
Mark Twain wrote that Kona coffee was the best he ever tasted and that was in the late 1800's when everything grown was organically grown.
These days it's a quiet sea-side town where Mike and Ric grow some of the best organic coffee I've ever tasted. They spent years working on the farm, installing all their own processing equipment, planting new trees, weeding, and learning about how to grow the best organic coffee in Hawaii. You can see the story of their trials and tribulations on their Organic Kona Coffee Farming in Hawaii Blog.
Now, Kona Comfort Coffee is grown and processed organically right on the farm. Mike and Ric control the entire process from coffee tree seedlings to fresh-roasted coffee beans (or green coffee beans for the home roaster).
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We have more info about organic agriculture and organic gardening, including other organic Hawaiian farms.


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