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If you're going to Maui and would like to have a nice dinner with money you'd otherwise spend on a rental car, then Word of Mouth rent a car is the Maui rental car company you want. Face it, a car is just a way to get around the island. It's no big deal. So, get what they call a Maui cruiser while you're there and with the money you save you can eat at a great Maui restaurant! At Word of Mouth they don't stand there with a stop watch to charge you extra if you're a little late. They will leave the car in the lot if your flight comes in after hours. They're nice folks who understand that Aloha is more than just a word. They figure if you're good enough to give them your business, they'll be good back. And maybe you'll keep coming back. And tell your friends. That's why it's called Word of Mouth Rent A Car!
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Spencer and I recommend you rent a convertible in Hawaii!For other Hawaiian Islands rental cars, we strongly suggest: Hotwire Hot- Rates(sm) offer great rental car deals from top companies. With Hotwire, you'll always know the final price, including taxes and fees, before you buy. Plus, get unlimited mileage on all rentals. Steal a deal on a car rental today! Spencer and I recommend getting a convertible!
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